Acta Pintériana

A Ferences Kutató Tanárok Tudományos Körének folyóirata

ISSN 2416-2124

Szerző/Author: Klimas, N.

Cím: A Szentföldi Kusztódia jeruzsálemi levéltárának története.

Title: History of the Archives of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem.

Év/Year: 2018. Kötet/Volume: 4. Oldal/Pages: 89-116.

DOI: 10.29285/actapinteriana.2018.4.89

Letöltés/Download: pdf

Abstract: The Archives of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem is the Catholic organization in partibus infidelium, which, throughout the ages, has represented the Holy See. The majority of these Archives document the return of Catholicism to the Holy Land and can be helpful to learn the history of Catholics in the Holy Land and its neighboring countries. Its significance comes also from the fact that, as the Archives of the Custody of the Holy Land, it also collects historical documents from all the countries of the Middle East. Many important documents depict the process of recovering the holy sites from Muslims and allowing access to pilgrims coming to these places, as well as descriptions of everyday life of the friars and Christians who live in the Holy Land and the Middle East. The beginning of the Archives go back to Pope Gregory IX’s bull and continues to the current time.

Folyóirat/Journal: Acta Pintériana ISSN: 2416-2124

Szerkesztő/Editor:: Bagyinszki P. Á.