Acta Pintériana

A Ferences Kutató Tanárok Tudományos Körének folyóirata

ISSN 2416-2124

Szerző/Author: Dériné Stark Zs.

Cím: Egy Utolsó Vacsora parafrázis. Karen Blixen Babette lakomája című művének elemzése.

Title: A Last Supper Paraphrase. An analysis of Karen Blixen’s destiny anecdote Babette’s feast.

Év/Year: 2018. Kötet/Volume: 4. Oldal/Pages: 117-137.

DOI: 10.29285/actapinteriana.2018.4.117

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Abstract: Karen Blixen masterfully handles time, place and intertextual elements in her narratives thus plays a game with the reader and invites them to take part in a process of discovery. In the order to uncover carefully hidden meanings I focus on Blixen’s destiny anecdote Babette’s feast. Through an approach studying official regulations of the Danish Lutheran Church on the church service I trace how Blixen plays around its structure. I analyse the text of the anecdote, draw up parallels with the sacred texts of the Bible, make an attempt to reconstruct the sense and message of the story. Studying the main characters’ relationship to the Bible, to a Lutheran service and finally to the Last Supper, leads to some highly interesting revelations about their personalities. I conclude that the way the anecdote is constructed creates the atmosphere of timelessness, similarly to the feeling the reader experiences while reading myths, legends or fairy tales. By using allusions to Christianity the rather usual story at the first glance, is elevated to a higher level of consciousness thus allowing the reader to interpret the story either as an easily understandable on or come to understand the more subtle layers of it. Allusion is a tool only a master can use effectively.

Folyóirat/Journal: Acta Pintériana ISSN: 2416-2124

Szerkesztő/Editor:: Bagyinszki P. Á.