Acta Pintériana

A Ferences Kutató Tanárok Tudományos Körének folyóirata

ISSN 2416-2124

Szerző/Author: Dobszay M. B. & Kámán V.

Cím: A ferences források magyar nyelvű rövidítési rendszere.

Title: The Hungarian system of abbreviation of Franciscan sources.

Év/Year: 2020. Kötet/Volume: 6. Oldal/Pages: 119-153.

DOI: 10.29285/actapinteriana.2020.6.119

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Abstract: The study summarizes the Hungarian abbreviations for Franciscan sources into a standardized system. The practice of abbreviations of Hungarian-language publishing has been scrutinized and a new objective has been set out to create a new abbreviation system which would be logical, consequent but flexible at the same time, making also possible to insert newly discovered or re-translated sources, and which is compatible with academic literature. The creation of a new abbreviation system is justified because the models applied in the publications have not been standardized thus there is no ‘adoptable’ model when creating the new Hungarian system of abbreviations. The study explains the principles of the abbreviation system which is based on the abbreviating practice used for the past decades in Hungarian publications, as well as on the experiences of international ones. It is also important to keep the oeuvre according to each author and to clearly understand the special abbreviations of frequently used genres and special terms. Along with the principles stated, it becomes possible to compile a logical abbreviation system the works that may be discovered in the future. The paper concludes with a tabular presentation of the established abbreviation system.

Folyóirat/Journal: Acta Pintériana ISSN: 2416-2124

Szerkesztők/Editors: Bagyinszki P. Á., Mészáros L. & Kámán V.