Acta Pintériana

A Ferences Kutató Tanárok Tudományos Körének folyóirata

ISSN 2416-2124

Szerző/Author: Zatykó L.

Cím: Szedő Dénes ferences költő portréjához.

Title: To the portrait of the Franciscan poet, Dénes Szedő.

Év/Year: 2020. Kötet/Volume: 6. Oldal/Pages: 47-71.

DOI: 10.29285/actapinteriana.2020.6.47

Letöltés/Download: pdf

Abstract: The author of the study aims at presenting the Franciscan poet’s, Dénes Szedő’s path of life and his poetry’s features. Studying his diaries the author has found the essence of Szedő’s poetry in the capability for the contraries’ uniting in harmony and balance through tensions’ release (coincidentia oppositorum). His poetry and path of life unfolding through his diaries written in his last thirteen years in the monastery in Pasarét (Budapest) were shaped by his Jewish origin and the social and political environment in Hungary before the World War II., his mother, his friends and models (for example Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály or Antal Szerb). His brothers in Pasarét and his friends could also experience Dénes Szedő’s personality uniting contrary features (patriotism and homelessness, farewell and staying, sadness and jollity). Although he had tried to escape from his fate determined by his life experience and his personality many times in his strenuous life, his notes in the diaries refer such a Franciscan poet who found his own path among the poor and the fallen in Hungary. He could harmonize the contrary features of his personality, and as St. Francis sent his brothers to sing Lord’s praise, Dénes Szedő could become a „joculator Domini” in the 20th century.

Folyóirat/Journal: Acta Pintériana ISSN: 2416-2124

Szerkesztők/Editors: Bagyinszki P. Á., Mészáros L. & Kámán V.